Rosalin Ismayoeng Gusdian, M.A


Rosalin Ismayoeng Gusdian, M.A


Research Expertise

English Linguistics



Google Scholar ID : vZrU5u8AAAAJ

SINTA ID : 6119858

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NIDN (National Lecturer’s ID): 0723068803

Education Background

   Bachelor: Univeritas Negeri Malang, Indonesia

   Master: University of New Castle, United Kingdom

   Doctor: University of New South Wales, Australia (On going)


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Setyaningrum, R. W., Gusdian, R. I., & Lestiono, R. (2022). Folktale'Wendit'as the material staging the local folktale of Malang in effort to accomplish an international collaboration. Journal of Community Service and Empowerment, 3(2), 55-63.

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Gusdian, R. I., Lestiono, R., Hidayah, M. N., & Prastiwi, N. W. (2022). Pelafalan Kosakata Bahasa Inggris melalui Bunyi Suara Huruf Hijaiyah pada Guru Tk. JMM (Jurnal Masyarakat Mandiri), 6(1), 620-632.

Gusdian, R. I., & Lestiono, R. (2021). English and Arabic Vowels: Ferreting Out the Similarity for Bridging Pronunciation Accuracy. Journal of English Language Teaching and Linguistics, 6(2), 297-306.

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