Resource and Facilities

Learning Sources and Facilities
The English Department of the University of Muhammadiyah Malang is a department which continually develops for the quality of the graduates. Of course that it cannot be separated from the provision of the supporting facilities and infrastructures for learning. Several laboratory facilities which support the teaching learning process in the English Department are:
  1. Language Laboratories. The language laboratories are used not only for teaching Listening, but also for other several courses such as Pronunciation Practice, Dictation, Speaking, and TOEFL. With relatively small classes, the laboratories enable a comfortable learning situation.
  2. Multimedia Classes. There are multimedia classes for some courses which cannot use the language laboratories. The multimedia classes are also equipped with a computer and LCD which enable presentation of various kinds of learning materials such as hand outs and video readings.
  3. Drama Laboratory. The facility enables students to have improvisation on the theories they obtained from the class. Student's skill in writing scenario, in communication, and creativity are facilitated by the laboratory. With a knock down system, this lab enables students to change and create setting based on their creativities.
  4. Micro Teaching Lab. It is a lab which enables students to test their teaching skill before they practice it in the schools on PPL program. The room is equipped with a CCTV to monitor student teaching practice (without feeling of being monitored).
  5. Reading Rooms and English Department Library with more than 300 collections of book. Students are also able to use hotspot facility if the books they search are not available in the library. [Tutie/t_alf]